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Ed-tech is an exclusive application. It is highly flexible and compact. Digital learning environment in which the educator, learner’s, and management can totally customize. It’s about simplifying school, college activities, isn't it ? We provide a high performance application with the required features you are looking for. EdTech is better known as Education Technology. The use of tools for the procedure of learning has become more common after pandemic. Making the combined environment in which teachers from all over the globe help to teach, present and educate their students. E-learning applications are game-changers after the willy virus of 2020. Believe it or not, EdTech is going to be the future of education.

DigitalMarkit develops Ed-Tech Solution for schools, colleges, universities, and independent institutes. Let’s check out some different types of EdTech applications.

The learning applications for kids are about creativity and connecting to their children. It must be authenticated. The learning application must touch all the emotion and thought-provoking process so that the kids can grasp it easily.

  • Personalized learning application- It creates more engaging and dynamic classrooms. It focuses on delivering instructions through engaging forms of media, including videos, audio clips and maybe interactive games. This option of learning gave students more options beyond the traditional approach to an essay, poster, or reports. Make sure to use digital tools to gather immediate feedback on students' understanding, customizing lessons and study plans.Education Website development for the students along with the features that are needed can be implemented.
  • Learning experience application/platform- Such type of applications provide content delivery and a massive support to the corporate trainers and learners that has a rich environment. Execute hassle-free and result oriented training. Using advanced automation tools, the enterprises can easily compile groups of learners.
  • Classroom Management Solutions - Enabling access to students to live discussions, interactive simulations, and real time feedback. Our team of experts will help to balance support and data security.
  • Assessment Software Solutions- Robust and data driven approach for building assessment. Educators can create tests and make them interactive with the tools they want. Schools, universities and independent training institutes are using this application to save time and resources.
  • Edtech Portal and Mobile learning- Classrooms are in need of advanced bulky desktops. With tablets live online courses, we can easily access the desired information using the striking EdTech Portals. Get quick notes, lectures, study materials and assignments on EdTech mobile and web applications.
    It’s time to stay relevant by updating your traditional educational solutions to the latest education software development.

DigitalMarkit is known for the best education software development along with SEO and digital solutions. We hold the ability to turn your woes into wonders. Some common challenges faced by educationalists are as follows-

High Maintenance Cost - Hire our experts and expect simple solutions to your educational platform.

Poor or Avg Code readability- Get rid of it, with the expertise of developers to prevent deep nesting, code grouping etc.

Hire the team of Industry experts to build your upcoming Ed-tech application.